Our Story

Our Journey

It all started with awareness.

Awareness of the negative toll fast fashion has on the people making the products, the people wearing the products, and the environment.

Awareness that fast fashion promotes deplorable working conditions for factory workers and harm to our environment.

Awareness that we here at SunsetWild could provide high quality accessories that are made ethically, and eco-friendly.

5% to WildLife

The upkeep of our environment and communities is always a necessity. We understand that responsibility and work to do our part every day. That is why we give 5% of your purchase to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

WWF works to help local communities conserve the natural resources they depend upon; transform markets and policies toward sustainability; and protect and restore species and their habitats. Their efforts ensure that the value of nature is reflected in decision-making from a local to a global scale.

Our Mission

To inspire good ethics, humanity, and sustainability, in all that we sell and in all that we do at sunsetwild.

Looking good and accessorizing should not come at the price of the suffering of others or the environment.

It's what we believe here at sunsetwild. That is why our products are from the highest level of suppliers that believe like we do.