Our Journey

Spreading the power of kindness with every purchase 

7th and Royal was established to answer the question, is there a retail store that runs business on a platform of kindness, good ethics and giving back?  Introducing 7TH & ROYAL, a virtual avenue built on passion, a business ran on honesty, and deals for the stylish. 7TH & Royal is owned and operated in the USA with warehouses located in Los Angeles, CA.   

Our beginning

It all started with a mother of seven, her husband named Royal, and a deep passion to give back.  Giving back is in the core of our business and the heart of everyone at 7th & Royal. It's why we donate 0.5% of the price of your purchase to multiple charity causes and we have since the first day of business!

our Story

our Journey

It all started with awareness.

Awareness of what really happens when a new shirt can be bought for a few dollars.

Awareness of the short cuts that are being and have been taken for years from other retail companies.

Awareness that fast fashion promotes deplorable working conditions for factory workers and harm to our environment.

Awareness that we could provide apparel and accessories that are made ethically and eco-friendly.

made With Care

Looking good and accessorizing should not come at the price of the suffering of others or the environment. It's what we believe here at sunsetwild. That is why our products are from the highest level of suppliers that believe like we do.

get to know our artisans

our Mission

To inspire good ethics, humanity, and sustainability, in all that we sell and in all that we do at sunsetwild.

children are the Future

Did you know that according to the USDA, 11 million children live in US households where there is not enough food for every member to lead a normal life?  These numbers disturb us here at sunsetwild.  With your assistance, we can get one step closer to ending child hunger in the US. 

As a mother, I know just how important it is for children to have the proper nutrients for strong body and mind.  That is why I am honored to give 5% of your purchase to this amazing charity organization, NO KID HUNGRY.