Lost My Wedding Ring 3 Years Ago and Still Happily Married Without It

Lost My Wedding Ring 3 Years Ago and Still Happily Married Without It

Lost My Wedding Ring 3 Years Ago and Still Happily Married Without It

So, it happed about 3 years ago. I did the unthinkable. I lost my wedding ring. I was heartbroken when I realized that I had not just misplaced it, but I had lost it forever. For the next couple of days, I felt sad about it, but my husband not so much. After I told him that it was lost forever, he was a sweetheart and told me that we would get me another ring better than before. Not gonna lie. That made me feel a lot better about my lost.

But then life happened. My health declined significantly due to illness and I ultimately had to have major surgery. After surgery, I had a recovery time of 2 months. After my recovery time, I decided to open an online boutique that would offer a better variety of sustainable and eco-friendly fashion accessories. That kept me busy and it still does today. Did I also mention that three of my children got married and immediately started having kids. Grandma life is real, let me tell you.

So by the time that I looked up, it had been 3 years since I lost my ring. Yes, I said three years. But, those three years have changed my life and has made realize a few real truths about wearing and owning a wedding ring.

Diamonds Are Not My Best Friend

As I earlier stated, I was sad for a couple of days of losing my ring, but not sad like I just lost my best friend. More like I was sad because money was lost. My best friend is my hubby and there is NO WAY that diamonds could ever love me the way that he does. Just saying.

My Wedding Ring Had Nothing To Do With My Connection With My Husband

After I lost my ring, our relationship did not become negatively altered or changed in any way. It did not make me “feel” single, nor did it make us drift apart. We did not experience relationship problems or have unresolved issues. It did not give my husband negative feelings. He did not look at the loss of my wedding ring as a loss in our relationship. Honestly, our relationship during that 3 year period became even more solid and true. So the truth was right in front of me. My wedding ring was not a symbol of our love and it had never been.

It Did Not Matter to My Family and Friends

This was an interesting piece to this story. For three years our kids, family members and friends never asked me about the absence of my ring. They never brought attention to my missing ring which made it even easier for me to not think about it. When I asked a few had they noticed my ring gone, they all said yes. However, they did not see it as a representation of something wrong in my marriage. They just thought it was me being me. Wow. I did not see that response coming.

To Much Power Is Given To The Ring

I remember going shopping and spending hours trying to find the right ring for my marriage. After trying on 20+ rings, I finally found the one. But, now after going three years without wearing a ring, I see how silly we were in shopping for the “perfect” ring. I’ve learned that there is no “perfect” ring because the ring does not even matter. It does not bring real and true value to a relationship. It does not wrap its arms around me with love. It does not encourage me in all of my endeavors. It doesn’t whisper sweet words in my ear. No matter how big the ring is or how expensive it is, it holds no real power to sustain and keep a marriage happily connected.

Currently, I have no plans to replace my ring. I am not completely against replacing it, but it is just not a priority for me right now. However, what is a priority for me is following the path that my creator has prepared for me and be the best version of myself that I can possibly be.