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Impressing Your Coffee Loving Bae

Impressing Your Coffee Loving Bae

Does your bae not speak, until coffee is prepared in the morning? Is the coffee pot the first place your bae goes to when they wake up in the morning? Does your bae drink coffee any time of the day, not just mornings?

Even if it's the hottest day in summer, would your bae still drink a hot cup of coffee? Does your bae light up by simply smelling coffee being made? Well if you answered yes to just one of these questions about your bae, then congratulations! You are in a relationship with a true coffee lover!

So, how can you impress your coffee-loving significant other? 


Take a Coffee Cupping Class   

What is Coffee Cupping? Coffee Cupping is all about experiencing different coffees. It's a fun and interactive way to discover new tastes in coffee. Coffee cupping is similar to wine tasting, just fine coffee instead! This is a great way to taste test new coffees, learn more about coffee, and evaluate them based on your preference. Check out your local listings and find a cupping class near you.

 Try A New Coffe Spot 

When was the last time your coffee-loving spouse tried a new coffee shop to go to? Well, if it's been too long then try a new coffee shop to take your spouse. Take it a step further and visit a recently opened shop. Check the local listings for coffee shops in your area and check out the reviews.

Cook a Chocolate & Coffee Flavored Dessert Together

This is a great idea to get you and your spouse in the kitchen cooking together! According to research cited in the Washington Post, married couples who share housework - like cooking - have more sex and happier relationships. So what are you waiting for? Start cooking together today!

Attend a Coffee Festival

If you have never been to Coffee Festivals then you are in for quite a surprise. The first surprise is that there is more to a Coffee Festival then coffee! These festivals offer coffee of course but they also offer different foods to taste, music, art, and charity. If this sounds like fun for you and your spouse then check your local listings for one near you.

 Upgrade The Coffee Station @ Home

Coffee Lovers love a nice coffee maker. Seriously. So if you are looking for a sweet way to surprise your coffee-loving spouse, then upgrading the home coffee maker is the way to go. Not sure which one to choose? Then take a look at these Coffee Maker Reviews by Good Housekeeping to find the perfect maker for your sweetheart.