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Why Laughing Is So Good For You. #2 Will Surprise You.

Why Laughing Is So Good For You. #2 Will Surprise You.

I love those moments where you're laughing so hard that your stomach muscles clinch in painful awareness but no matter how hard you try, you just can't stop laughing.  Those are the best times!  My family and I laugh like this often and we enjoy every minute of it. I have found that laughing has the ability to not only make you feel good but it also encourages positivity in your every day life.

Check out these other ways that laughter benefits your life below:

Adds Joy To Your Life

When a person enjoys laughter often they have the ability to look at life in a more positive and motivating way than others.  The reason why is because laughter has the ability to lighten up burdens and produce a sense of well-being inside of you. It simply allows you not to take yourself so seriously all the time.  

Laughter Is Good For Your Immune System

Laughter decreases stress hormones like cortisol and increases infection-fighting antibodies like salivary immunoglobulin A.  Laughing also lowers blood pressure which is great for reducing the risk of heart attack or stroke. 

Relieves Stress

Laughing is a great way to relieve stress because it produces those feel good hormones that we all love, endorphins. Endorphins encourage the feelings of happiness and it also has the ability to alleviate pain. 

Laughing is an Relationship Builder

Enjoying funny and silly moments with your partner, family or friends is a great way to help strengthen your relationship.  Here is why.  Shared humor has the ability to shift perspectives, help heal conflicts, and recharge all parties mentally and physically.   

Laughing Kills Distressing Emotions

It's hard to feel anxious, sad or depressed when your laughing.  Laughter helps you put all negative thoughts aside and enjoy the moments of humor.

Laughter also:

It improves mood

Gives a good workout to your diaphragm and abdominal muscles.

Increases blood flow and oxygenation of the blood  

Relaxes you mentally and physically

Raises Self-Esteem