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Starting Your Day, The Positive Way

Starting Your Day, The Positive Way

Every day that you wake up is truly a miracle in the making so it should always be a joyous occasion.  What better way to give thanks and appreciate than by starting your day by spreading love and happiness to your family!  Below I have put together some great ways that you can make your family feel loved and special at the start of the day that has everlasting effects all day. 


Waking up and greeting your family with a smile is a great way to start your day in a positive way.  A smile never runs out of style and can warm not only your heart but also your family members. A smile also has the power to set off a chain reaction of joy and happiness.  So go ahead and show off your beautiful smile today! 

Kiss and Hug

A warm loving touch from the one you love is always good for the recipient and the giver when you start your new day.  It makes your partner feel loved and connects the both of you in an intimate way that shouts out, "I love you!"

Encourage and Motivate

The words that we choose to use with the people in our lives can either build him/her up or break him/her down. Some phrases that are great to say, especially at the start of the day are:

1. Have a great and blessed day!

2. Don't let anything steal your joy today!

3. You can do anything that you put your mind to!

4. I believe in you and the wonderful things that you can do!

5. You can handle anything that's thrown your way!