The Scary High Costs of Cheap Fashion

The Scary High Costs of Cheap Fashion

The Scary High Costs of Cheap Fashion

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You are shopping online one day and you come across this brand new collection of sweaters that are all just $7.99.  Sounds great right?  Well, let us dig a little further into how that $7.99 sweater was created.  

Created in a factory in Bangladesh, where income is very low, young women are making that sweater for you in conditions that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy.  These young women will make a few dollars for a full days work as they work to create large quantities to be shipped out. This includes working with harmful chemicals every day.   

Moving forward a couple of weeks and guess what?  That $7.99 sweater is now in high demand and will be until the next trend comes along.  Seems like a perfect buy right?  Wrong. So very wrong.  

And the ramifications of cheap fashion does not stop there.  There is a toll on the environment.  

  • Clothes made with toxic chemicals, like pesticides, emit harmful gases into our atmosphere.
  • Chemicals that are used  for production of clothing pollute fresh water.
  • It takes about 1800 gallons of water to make one pair of jeans.

We here at Sunsetwild understand that looking good and accessorizing should not come at the price of the suffering of others or the environment. It's what we believe here at Sunsetwild . That is why our products are from the highest level of suppliers that believe like we do. For example, our scarves/wraps like, the Gauze Two Tone Scarf, the Gauze Stripe Wrap, and the Gauze Scarf  are all made with organic cotton and hemp.  These sweater are made with sustainability and acknowledges the interconnectedness of people + planet. 

So, the next time you come across cheap trending apparel, you might want to ask yourself, what are the REAL costs of that fashion?