Cheap Fashion : 10 Things I Wish I'd Known Earlier

Cheap Fashion : 10 Things I Wish I'd Known Earlier

Cheap Fashion : 10 Things I Wish I'd Known Earlier

My journey to understanding more about fast fashion and the consequences of it, has made me look at fashion in a whole new light.  It's changed how I shop, what I shop for, and how much I shop.  It has made me a more conscious consumer and business owner.  But, If I would have known a few things earlier, I could have saved myself from adding to the waste and breakdown of the earth.

Fashion Brands Are Not Practicing Fair Trade and Living Wages

93% of Fashion Brands that were surveyed by Fashion Checker are not paying garment workers a living wage.  So, this means that your favorite store that always has cheap prices, are not paying their garment workers living wages.  To add to that, many of the garment workers have children to provide for. Without living wages, workers and their families are in jeopardy of missed meals, inconceivable living arrangements, and  

Gendered Pay Has a Direct Link Unsafe Conditions for Women

When it comes to fast fashion, 80% of garment workers are women.  However, that does not stop men from still making more money.  Unfortunately, men are routinely paid more than their female counterparts.  Gender inequality is heavily rooted in the fashion industry's power + imbalance.  Because of this, gendered pay has a direct link to verbal, physical and sexual assault.  

Major Brand Have Been Getting Away With These Harmful Practices For Years

You would be surprised to know what companies you may love are exploiting their workers to make their garments. For example, Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, Zara, H&M, are just a few brands that have a history of underpaid wages, unsafe working conditions and unsafe clothing to wear. To this day, garment workers are still being taken advantage of by major retail brands. And I am sure you can guess why. Brands profit BIG off of poverty wages and have been doing it for decades. The Brands want the money and cutting corners with the safety and well being of the garment workers is a sacrifice they are willing to take.  

The Clothes You Wear From Fast Fashion Could Cause Real Harm

Honestly, when you think about what your clothes are made of, do you ever think about carcinogens?  Well, you should. It does not stop at that. Reported by Business Insider chemicals like carcinogenic azo dyes, phthalates, skin irritation causing chromium, and lead are found in garments ranging from babywear to   This includes apparel for babies and small children!  I love a nice dress and a nice purse but not at the expense of skin irritation or even worse Cancer.