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Showing Kindness During Covid 19 Pandemic

Showing Kindness During Covid 19 Pandemic

It's a tough times for us all.  That cannot be denied.  But, what also cannot be denied is the power of kindness.  Kindness showers us with the good of people and in these drastic times, we could all use some of that.  So, as you are socially distancing yourself from the public, here are a few ways that you can show a little kindness to others.  Also, stay informed of the latest developments with your local/ state representatives and police.  

Follow the Instructions of Your Local/State Government and Health Officials

It's difficult staying secluded all the time.  We get it.  But, it's important to remember during these difficult times is that following those instructions can save not only you from contracting the virus but also anyone that you come in contact with.  Preventing sickness is a huge way to show kindness to everyone.  

Keep It 6 Feet Apart

During these social distancing times, going to the grocery store, getting gas and going to the bank are still things that need to get done.   Just remember to be kind and keep 6 feet apart from people around you.  It could save your life.  

Check Up On Each Other

It's easy for us to get wrapped up in how Covid 19 is affecting our homestead but it's important to remember there are other experiencing the downfalls of this pandemic.  And maybe worse ways than you are. So check in with your friends and loved ones and offer encouraging words to them.  It's the kind thing to do.

Support Small Businesses

For many, finances are a little complicated right now.  But, there are other ways that you can support small businesses that does not require a lot of out of pocket expense.  You can, 

  1. Follow blogs and give positive feedback 
  2. Do you frequent a small business often?  Have you posted a rating online about how much love it there?  Well, now is the perfect time to share with a small business how much you love their service and/or product!

Stay Positive

Being positive during these times is not only being kind to yourself but anyone around you. Here is why.  Staying positive is better for our mental, emotional and physical states.   Turning to negativity will only have an adverse affect on how you choose to cope with our current pandemic.  I don't know about you, but I have never seen kindness and negativity work very well together.  


Rolling Updates on Covid 19 events here.  Information provided by World Health Organization.